Pixie cut dilemma!

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Hey guys!
For years and years I've always wanted to get my hair cut short but thought because I was curly that there was no possibility. I've read a couple forums on here about it but I'm still not sure whether or not it would look good With my hair texture/face shape. I have 3b hair and I'm looking to get a pixie cut. I'm not totally sure what face shape I am but I have a pretty defined jaw and collar bones. The only thing is that I have a larger forehead. Do you think that, depending on the length, the pixie cut would look straight/wavy-ish? Also if it would look good with my face shape? I'll try to get some good pictures of my hair and post them here. Thanks! :)


  • BeepBeepImAJeepBeepBeepImAJeep Posts: 18Registered Users
    Well if you have a "larger forehead" as you say you do, I recommend a good stylist that will help you determine what kind of pixie cut is best suited for you. Visuals of what you want can also be excellent help to your stylist in determining what you think would look good on you.