Can castor oil thicken my hair?

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I was born with thin hair. It sucks cause you can see my scalp in some places.


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    Not aware of any scientific evidence that it can, massage and daily physical activity (get your 10,000 steps) may aid growth. Be sure to avoid sulphate surfactants, they can cause thinning in susceptible individuals. Other that that it would be worth speaking to your family doctor or a dermatologist.
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    Rawr, I don't actually think anything applied to hair (like castor oil) can change the biological structure from thin to thick, although it might make it look thicker. I second the idea of seeing a derm, though. S/he may have ideas for this that we aren't aware of.

    You may already have thought of this, but volumizing mousse can make thin hair look and act thicker. Good luck with this!
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    There seems to be no scientific evidence to support the claims of some naturals that castor oil increases hair growth.
    That being said, who's to say. It may very well be that it helps some people with the rate of growth
    However if this is happening they're growing hair where they have follicles and the hair stopped growing for some reason. You cant grow hair where you don't have hair follicles, and you cant get more follicles.
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    Moisturize and massage daily, that might help