Curly & straight mix? Help :(

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Hi all!

I'm getting so so so frustrated with my hair lately. My hair has been continuously getting curlier since I was about 10 years old. Right now I'd say my curl type is 3A. This being said, not all the hair on my head identifies with a 3A curl type.

The top half of my hair is a mix of super wavy & curly my opinion, it's gorgeous. I am absolutely loving it! However, the bottom half of my hair (the under-layers) are practically straight. There is sometimes a little wave or very loose curl, but it is drastically different from the top layers of my hair.

I can't seem to figure out any way to encourage the curl more! I've been using DevaCurl products for about a week now (No-poo, One C, and more recently, the Frizz Free Foam). I quite like these products, but haven't really noticed them doing much of a difference for my straighter hair (they're making my curls look prettier, though!)

Any advice? What I typically end up doing is curling a few pieces that are noticeable, like near the front, so it blends better.



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    You could try "plopping" to encourage curls on the wavy/straight pieces.