goody tanglefix tangle teezer knockoff?

Tripgirl3aTripgirl3a Posts: 201Registered Users
has anyone seen this/tried it out? I am thinking of getting it instead of the tangle teezer because there is not sally's near me. What do you think?

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  • abstractcurlsabstractcurls Posts: 380Registered Users
    We have one I've used it on my girls and on myself and I think as far as a knockoff goes it's the best one I have found. We also have a tangle teezer, we've been using them for years. I would say that the Goody brush doesn't detangle as well as the TT but it's good anyway.
  • Tripgirl3aTripgirl3a Posts: 201Registered Users
    Thanks! I'll try it out:)