Newbie here

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Hi ,
I'm new here & just wanted to say hi. I believe I have type 2B or 2A curls.


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    Welcome! A lot of people are in-between "types", and it's not uncommon to have multiple types on the same head! Don't get too concerned with the specifics of a certain type, but instead, figure out what works and what doesn't for YOUR hair :)
    3a w/ 3b underlayers
    Low-normal porosity, regular-coarse
    Recovering from TE
    Products: Suave Naturals (co-wash), Kenra Moisturizing Conditioner, Fast Food (leave in), SM Curl Milk, Devacurl Light Defining Gel, coconut oil
    (Product use varies according to weather, time constraints, and desired look :glasses1:)
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    Pay attention to the dew points in your area. That will determine what products you use in addition to the type of hair you have.