Chi Straight Guard=Amazing curls?!

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I chopped several inches of my hair off a few weeks ago and, as many curlies know, cutting even a few inches off can completely change the texture and look of your hair! My curls have gotten tighter and closer (2c/3a to 3a/3b) to my head, so I have been experimenting with different products/techniques to loosen them and make them a little more manageable without any heat. I love sock buns, and thought that I could give this technique a shot because I don't like spending much time on my hair before my 7 AM class. I also discovered a great deal at Target--full sized bottles of Chi Iron Guard and Straight Guard for $14!! I love the Iron Guard, and jumped on the deal because each bottle is normally $15! I did my normal cleanse/leave-in, and added a dime-sized amount of SG to my damp hair. I put it into a low sock bun (with one of those Conair spongy donuts to allow airflow). I was not quite sure to expect in the morning, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that my curls were looser than before, soft, and super manageable! I had some frizz (expected, I forgot my frizz-banishing oil last night :), but I was so pleased with the overall results I changed my avatar!
I'm not CG, so I'm not sure if the ingredients are CG-acceptable or not. I thought I would share my (unexpected!) results with you, and I'm going to continue to play with different techniques (multiple sock buns, etc).
Happy curling! :)
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