No heat challenge (what's an attainable length/goal for 2014)

anonymous_110842anonymous_110842 Posts: 7Registered Users
No heat


  • davidkaltsasdavidkaltsas Posts: 119Registered Users
    Well i had a bob haircut 1 inch longer than yours and after a year my hair was. Almost bsl. But every person has different hair growth rate:)
    Curl Pattern: 3a mixed with 3b
    Density:Medium to High

    CG Method since 25/6/13

    Want to reach terminal length !
  • CURLYanddy_CURLYanddy_ Posts: 198Registered Users
    I'd say armpit length if you mean by the beginning of 2014. If you mean by the end of 2014, then bra strap or mid-back.

    But, hey! All things are possible to those who believe (Mark 9:23), so who am I to say what's attainable? :D

    - Sent from Anddy's iPhone. 😋

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