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Hi Aussie CG's,

I am looking for Australian made, GC friendly and cruelty free styling products. Any suggestions? :toothy10:
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  • StarmieStarmie Registered Users Posts: 7,170 Curl Virtuoso
    The only thing I use that's Aus made is Nak Options sculpting lotion. I don't know if any other of their products are cg friendly. I used to use a De Lorenzo conditioner that was cg so maybe they have styling products too. Neither test on animals.
    3b in South Australia.
  • benbenbenben Registered Users Posts: 5
    Since going CG two years ago, I've been using Al'chemy Avocado & Calendula Conditioner. It is made by The Purist Company, which is an Australian company, and they say all their products are cruelty free. It's also CG friendly. It is not the cheapest product, but I have found it really works well for me. My hair went from being constantly dry and feeling like steel wool (prior to going CG), to now being soft and hydrated. A 500ml bottle is $26.95 RRP, but I normally get it for around $20 (I just keep my eye out for whoever is selling it cheapest at the time).

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