Pretty matte lips(ticks)

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These RiRi lipsticks from so nice.

I did not get RiRi Woo, because I have Ruby Woo. I got RiRi Boy (purple) and RiRi Heaux (I know, I know; it's fuschia).

These lipsticks are gorgeous. If you are brown (I'm NC45-ish in MAC, Becca Tobacco or Nuba), you should run out and get these immediately. If you are not brown, you should still go get these because they're gorgeous.

I also finally got around to the Tarte Glamazons. I got Fierce. And it is.

These are all work appropriate in my opinion.

I'm telling you (no liners, mind you)... MAC_mattes.jpg?noCache=1373080041

That is all.

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    Like!! Thank you for posting.

    Those are pretty, and I love a good matte lip. You can always make it slightly to highly glossy, if you want, or leave it be.
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