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Hello ladies,
I just wanted to share my latest haircutting experience with you. Since I first went short, I have been going to a great female stylist. Well, lately I have been wanting to find a place closer to my home. The other day I saw a lady with hair similar to mine and an awesome cut. She informed me that she got it cut at a barber shop and gave me her barber's info.

Now, I've never had my cut by a barber before, so I was just a tad nervous. But, I was happy to find out that this barber works a lot on afros (as opposed to a barber who mainly does crew cuts). He used clippers instead of scissors, which I didn't think I would like. But the cut, the shape, everything came out wonderful. I also liked the atmosphere. It is an old, historic barbershop and there was a great vibe – old photos on the walls, friendly elderly barbers, little kids stopping by on their way from school to say "hi."

I've posted a few pictures in my fotki. All in all, i have to say that I greatly enjoyed my first experience at a barbershop!
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    Beautiful twa. It looks good on ya. Barber did a good job.
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    Gorgeous as usual portae :)

    Glad you had a good experience with the barber! The barber is usually cheaper too.
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