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My two housemates and I are moving and we found a really nice house, but have to find a fourth housemate by Sunday so that we can sign the contract. We met 3 potential people and have to make a decision on who to choose judging by 15 minutes of knowing them!!
One of them is definitely out of the question! She's allergic to chocolate, and *demanded* that no chocolate be kept/cooked/eaten in communal areas!!! Sorry.. but I love chocolate!
The other two seem nice. There's a guy - computer science student. Looks quiet and reserved. Kinda nerdy. He seems like a sweet guy though.
Then there's a girl. She's a goth - so her music taste will probably differ from the rest of us who are mostly into r&b, hiphop, reggae. I don't know if she'll have a problem with our music being on all the time. She seems really nice. More talkative than the guy and we had a good laugh.
I feel horrible about turning either of them down! Who would you choose??
Oh yeah. Right now we're two girls and a guy, so having another guy would even things out.
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    I'm not sure who to vote for based on your post, but my initial reaction was to choose the girl.

    It comes down to the chemistry you had with the two applicants. Not sharing the same music tastes doesn't have to be a problem if ground rules are made about music in common areas.

    It depends on what you are looking for in a roommate. I have had plenty of them. My favorite roommate was my total opposite in terms of tastes, but we got along great.

    The things you should base your decision on are things like cleanliness (neat freaks and slobs don't mix for example), beliefs can be an issue if you can't respect one another, etc.

    What types of things did you ask the applicants? Do you know if they are night or morning people? That is also something to consider.

    I am a social person, so I personally would not choose someone who is quiet and keeps to themselves.

    In the end, choose whoever you will feel most comfortable with, but don't let the music be the deciding factor.
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    Hell, there is so much information I'd need to have to take a real whack at this one. I don't have a leg to stand on without it.

    But I'm gonna stand up anyway:

    Trust your instinct trust you instinct and trust your instinct. Also ask what your housemates' instincts are. Not the thoughts, but the feelings you had around each person.

    And then on the logical side: Ask yourself if you really enjoy a lot of solitude, or if you tend to wanna get socially involved with housemates as a general rule. Me? I enjoy my solitude greatly, so the fact of the computer geek is like music to my ears. I lived with many (wonderful) housemates during my years at school found, for me, that males IN GENERAL are more easygoing about things around the house. Conversely, I think a lot of us women can be pretty picky about how we want things based on how we are raised.

    Downside is: Easygoing men (or people) may be apathetic and slovenly; More sociable females (or people) may be moody and conbatant. ...ohgod but there's no guarantee either person is going to fit into this sort of gender stereotyping. So, yeah also use your instinct. Plus sometimes you get the worst of both worlds in one shell of a person.

    Final note: Month-to-month sub-leases can be nice. This makes it easier to hit the eject button if things don't go well. And don't feel bad about turning someone down. In the end it's often for the best (for them and you). You'll learn from whatever choice you make :)
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    Follow-up ...

    Hopefully you asked them a lot of really good questions. For example:

    Are you working?

    Where are you working?

    What is your work schedule like?

    What do you do for hobbies (maybe gothchick blasts Bauhaus at 1am every night)?

    How many people have you lived with?

    How did you leave the last living situation?

    What are your living habits?

    Are you a neat person?

    Do you prefer a quiet environment / noisy envir?

    How social do you consider yourself?

    Any special considerations, like allergies?

    Do you smoke / How much of a drinker are you? / Do recreational drugs?

    I'm a stickler. I'd be sure and check refrences and ask them to release their credit report.

    You'd be surprised how some folks take themselves out of the running right off the bat too:

    So how much of a drinker are you? ..."Well, I enjoy 5 or 6 beers with my buddies on weeknights. I save the partying for weekends though. You mind me inviting my posse over on weekends?"
  • meowmixmeowmix Posts: 48Registered Users
    Wow... I really was unprepared! We didn't ask these people anything in particular besides what course they were studying! We need to make a decision tomorrow and honestly have nothing to base it on.
    I would have gone for the guy because theyre usually more easygoing/less likely to argue than girls.
    I'm going to see if we could email them a form or something to fill out!!
  • KorkscrewKorkscrew Posts: 1,834Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Hey La, it's ok. You know, you can still set up a phone interview with each person. It doesn't have to last that long. And if each has enough interest, one or both will make the effort to take out a few minutes to speak with you a little more before everything's finalized.

    This may be a little inconvenient because it's last minute, but I really think you owe it to you and your housemates to do AT LEAST this sort of surface investigation. Good luck!

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