Trichotillamania Struggles

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So uh, hey guys. As you can probably see I am one of the many of people who suffer from trich. Though I am at a place now where I have all of the hair on the sides of my head, however the top of my head still remains to be a danger-zone. Though the hair is growing back, it's quite uneven. The back of my head's hair is longer and less curly than anywhere else, while the hair on the sides of my head remains layered, thick, and curly. I have bangs, which currently go down to my chin, and I currently use them as a sort of cover-up for the top. By using a thick fabric head band, I am able to sufficiently cover up the thin area.
Now to the issue. As aforementioned, my hair is very uneven, thicker on the sides, longer in the back. It has now gotten to be a dramatic difference, thus drawing attention to my problem area. I've been getting split ends, as it's been a while since my last trim, and my mother has pointed out that I am in need of another trim. However, I am quite self conscious about my balding area, so going to a hairdresser is somewhat of a chore. Recently I had been going to a family friend for my hair, Michelle Wilcox, who runs an at home private salon in her home. Ever since I moved to Germany, communicating my issue with a hairdresser becomes infinitely harder. God I can ramble. Point is, I need a new hairstyle that can cover up my spot and even out my hair.
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