Can oils make your hair STATICKY??

Because I swear it's happening to me! I bought Jessicurl's set of stuff (I think it was the Rich group) and one day when I had some frizz, I smoothed just a teeny bit of the Oil Blend in my hair. Did a good job on the frizz, but the second I went outside the house in some wind, I got TERRIBLE static. I assumed it was nothing and went on with my day, until the same thing happened the next time I used the oil. So I decided to use the oil blend on my cuticles instead and stopped using it.

Then I noticed when I put on the [buylink=]Awe Inspiraling spray[/buylink] that I was getting the same thing, STATIC. I especially noticed it when I sprayed my hands with the spray to smooth down some frizzies, and I looked at the ingredient list. Jojoba oil is apparently NOT my friend. So I experimented and did the exact same thing today (same products and techniques) with my hair without [buylink=]Awe Inspiraling spray[/buylink] and have not had any static.

So is this possible that jojoba oil is making me staticky or is it my imagination???