Are you kidding me... But, I am not surprised...

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My friends.

Check out this article - Black Hairstyles - Celebrity Hairstyles for Black Women - Cosmopolitan

I was browsing curly hair styles for my friend that is African American, because I want her to try out a new hair style. When I was browsing google for hairstyles I was thinking that I would find curly styles, twists, updos, braids, fros, etc. in addition to relaxed hair styles (unfortunately).

To make a long story short, I came across Cosmo's article and was shocked to see that 5 out of 9 of the hairstyles were relaxed/straight hair styles!!!!

I am not surprised, because we are all aware how popular relaxing still is. But, I am surprised that more curly hair styles were not featured....

I am not going to lie, but I got a bit heated.... :angry1::angry1::angry1:

Please share your thoughts........
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  • CurlyCutie1394CurlyCutie1394 Registered Users Posts: 348
    It's black women that have stopped relaxing but still flat iron their hair religiously and I doubt that will change
  • HootenannyHootenanny Registered Users Posts: 300
    I can't believe their pic of Solange Knowles's gorgeous hair is of it flat-ironed! Hell no!
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  • anissafersureanissafersure Registered Users Posts: 255
    It's a shame that articles always feature straight hair when it comes to styling. This is mainly because people have this false mindset that you can only do "pretty" hairstyles on straight hair. Honestly, all of those hairstyles weren't even special. They all looked the same! It's people like them who write these articles that add to women and young girls being so insecure about their hair and how they look. They give people these unrealistic expectations. Obviously those women weren't born with naturally straight hair, so now black woman need to straighten their hair in order to look beautiful with one of those styles? It's ridiculous, and angers me as well.
  • anissafersureanissafersure Registered Users Posts: 255
    Hootenanny wrote: »
    I can't believe their pic of Solange Knowles's gorgeous hair is of it flat-ironed! Hell no!

    I was thinking the same thing! She has such BEAUTIFUL hair naturally.
  • curlicious13curlicious13 Registered Users Posts: 1,632 Curl Neophyte
    I'm not surprised because as black women we're taught from a youngster to look to white for the standard of beauty. Right now my mom is still trying to get me to perm my hair. "Just get a mild perm" she says. I had to remind her if I wanted to continue to perm my hair, I wouldn't have gone natural. My friends, HER friends, & my natural family love how my hair looks. One aunt told me that she wishes her hair would curl up like mine. everyone likes my hair but my mom. What my mom & most black women don't realize is that curly hair is pretty too.
  • curlicious13curlicious13 Registered Users Posts: 1,632 Curl Neophyte
    Currently, I can't wear an updo because my hair short. Still a twa.
  • adthomasadthomas Registered Users Posts: 5,525 Curl Neophyte
    I think you are giving a lot of credit with 5 of 9 because some of that looked straightened then curling iron. I dont buy hair magazines because if you blink you will miss natural hair section and usually it is just braids. Sometimes they even show us curly weave and tell us it is natural like we are too stupid to tell.

    May be the same for white women in magazines. I was flipping through a salon styles book recently at the nail salon and 99% of the models were white and only 1 or 2 had curly hair.
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  • Firefox7275Firefox7275 Registered Users Posts: 3,750 Curl Neophyte
    To be fair they are celebrity hair styles and very few A-list celebrities wear their hair natural to events. Cosmo can't magic up photos if they don't exist.

    If you want to see gorgeous natural hair head over to Facebook, check out pages like Kinky Curly Coily Me, Naturally Curly, haircare lines marketed to natural women, CurlBox/ Curlkit.
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