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Hi. :) I'm a new member to this site and I was looking to get some some insight on curly hair care. Okay, I'm mixed with African American and Caucasian and have naturally curly hair that's of fine texture. My regular hair routine involves getting up every morning and showering, then putting in a leave- in mousse , then going on with my day. My hair looks fine but lately I've read an article that said that in order to get healthy hair you aren't supposed to wash it everyday. However, I feel that washing it is the only way to style. Without washing it, I have really bad case of bedhead and if I brush it out it gets all frizzy. Then again, going everywhere with my hair wet in the morning is a pain too. Does anyone else encounter this issue? If so what do you do to get around this? Thanks :)

!!!ANOTHER QUESTION!!! What ways do you wear your Curly hair other than wearing it down? I always wear my hair like this. I try to get ideas for styling by reading seventeen magazine but all the hair styles that they promote can only be achieved by having straight hair...


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    Welcome! There are loads of great videos on YouTube on styling and overnight routines/ second day hair.

    Basically throw your brush in the trash, curly hair should only be combed to detangle in the shower when slathered in conditioner and never brushed. Purchase a satin scrunchie, satin or silk pillowcase or sleeping cap to reduce bedhead.
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    Flour sack towel, pixie diffuse or air dry.
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    yes, it's true that washing it everyday is quite damaging. Solution? Just wet it. That's what I do. So you get the benefits from wet-styling, but it's only a bit damp so you don't have soaking hair. Either from the sink or keep a spray bottle around with it.