When Braids and Twist dont work...

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Ok, i've recently decided to go natural, i belive it's been about 7 months since my last relaxer. the last hair cut i had was a bowl cut, so now i've been left with a crazy looking, different length different texture mess of hair, with the top being the longest and more straight than curly, and the back being short with more curls. But despite that i still have straight ends all around.
So i've been trying to get my hair to grow, and to protect it but now i have a problem because my straight ends wont hold twist or braids. So how do i protect hair when it wont hold a protective style?


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    I've Sen people use wave clips for straight ends

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    You can also use perm rods on your ends. That will curl the straight ends & keep your braids or twists intact!
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    Ok cool, thanks for the tips, i'll give these a try.
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    Or you can try Bantu knots. Cute summer style. Or when all else fails, wash & go.
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    As a transitioner I know exactly how you feel. Perm rods at the ends of your braids/twists will definitely be your best friends. This site was pretty good at describing what size rods to use for achieving your desired look: /home/leaving?" class="Popup

    Also, I love to do Bantu knots because the ends are tucked away and blend in with my natural roots. Personally, wash n go's are not always great for transitioners because your relaxed ends become really evident once your hair dries and your natural hair curls up. HIH :)
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    i have been using the perm rods, becasue i was lucky and already had them here, anyway they work wonderfully, though i still have issues with the top of my hair not quite drying out, but i think thats just my hair and im going to have to deal with it lol. But yeah the perm rods worked wonderfully so thanks for all the advice! :toothy8:
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    The top of my head also takes forever to dry as well so I sit under a hooded dryer for about 10 minutes to speed the drying process.