Scraggly ends?

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Hello! I've been a stalker here since November when I decided to go CG. I'm a 2C with medium/course strands and low density. I was positive I was high porosity, now I'm thinking maybe more medium porosity. Don't really know! I also thought I was protein sensitive and conditioned like crazy, now I'm almost balanced I think. I sleep in GVP Conditioning Balm mixed with honey every week and still usually still have straw-like, dry hair. I have a ton of products with protein that I've essentially banished to the back of my cabinet until today. I'm definitely working on my protein/moisture properties.

So last night I slept in GVP again, then rinsed this morning. I then put in a half handful of Tresseme Naturals to condition and used a pick to distribute and make sure my roots weren't sealed to my head. I did not rinse! Just left it in as my leave in. I then scrunch and pumped in some Bioterra curling cream, then some Bioterra gel (both to sopping wet hair). I plopped for 15, then clipped and let air dry. This is the first time I've used anything with even the tiniest bit of protein for weeks, and my hair is much softer if a bit undefined- I attribute the lack of straw like properties to the GVP overnight and not rinsing out my conditioner. My roots are happy, but my ends- not so much. They are somehow both poofy and stringy looking if that's possible. I did a big cut right when I went CG since I had straightened pre CG and think I got most of the damage off. My ends may still be a bit damaged and they certainly don't curl as much as my I need to chop them or was it something with my routine? Actually my routine changes daily as I'm a PJ who still can't seem to make things work more than once, but the problem with my ends are pretty consistent. They are lacking the fullness of the rest of my hair. Maybe just because I have thinner hair? Boo!
2C normal/high porosity?, medium/coarse texture, lower density
Cleanse: Pura D'Or every week or two, Yes to Cukes
Conditioner: VO5 Kiwi Lime (LOVE!), Tresemme Naturals, YTC
DT: GVP Conditioning Balm w/ coconut oil
LI: a touch of JCTS
Products: my HG is Tresemme Bouncy Curls Defining Gel mixed with a touch of BRHG over a little flax seed gel, SM Souflee/Milk for 2nd day hair, occasionally Bioterra Curling Creme and Gel
Modified CG since November 2012- finally found what works! :)

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