Is my hair a mixture of 2A/B?

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I know you probably know these pictures but I deleted the other account to start a new. ImageUploadedByCurlTalk1372548224.368724.jpgImageUploadedByCurlTalk1372548231.501275.jpg


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    assuming you haven't brushed out your hair when dry I would say more 2a
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    I'd say 2a also. I don't know if you can make out my avatar very well but I'm a 2b on most days.

    Curl pattern is not as important as other hair properties (texture/hair width, porosity, elasticity, density) when choosing products.

    I can very easily go up or down 2-3 curl patterns depending on humidity, moisture/protein balance, specific ingredients in my hair care products, types of styling products, and styling techniques... and that's using no heat! Many wavies have a weaker curl/wave pattern and can undergo the same transformations.

    You're best off choosing products based on your specific hair properties. Once you have a handle on a healthy hair regimen, then you can start experimenting with curl enhancing ingredients such as mag sulfate if you wish for springier waves. You may find your curl pattern changing anyway based on a new haircare regimen. Hope this helps!
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