Transitioning with damaged hair?HELPP!

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Hello! :), I am new to this website and i just came to look for others opinion on this matter. I am currently 16 years of age and in High School. My whole life from what i can remember my hair has been permed, from a very young age. The "perm life" was okay for me i guess, i didn't experience much breakage or anything and i had long almost BSL hair until the age of 13. At 13, I began to style my own hair, WITHOUT the help of my mother! (oh no!) and i had lack of knowledge about my hair. I bought my first flat iron and flat ironed my hair EVERYYDAYYY :(. Hey, i didn't know better, i think i continued this for 2 years untill i noticed breakage and stopped. But now my hair is heat damaged, always breaking, when i comb my hair, my rooom floor is COVERED in little pieces of hair. I've tried EVERYTHING, relaxer stretching, trying to keep my hair healthy and eating healthy. Nothing works :( my hair is now barely shoulder length(wow! from almost bsl, to barely shoulder length). So the real thing is, i have been thinking about going natural, BUTT i dont have the courage AT ALL to BC! so i'm thinking about transitioning then after a while cutting off my permed end.The thing about that is, my hair is different lengths, i'm scared of being judged(c'mon i'm in high school, who knows what those kids will say or think), more hair breakage, i dont know how i could, i cannot deal with being judged!! and my family think its a horrible idea! but the biggest problem i would have is not knowing how to style it and how i would look. So if I was to transition what should i expect on my journey? How do i deal with judgmental people? Any ideas of how to style it? Products i should use in my hair? And i have no encouragement at all about doing this, sighh. Btw, if i transition i'm planning on starting my sometime in August.
P.S. I'm new to this website. I hope to get some helpful news back. And thank you veryy much for taking your time out to read my thread! :)

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