jessicurl or devacurl for wavies?

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Which products do you prefer? (and what kind of hair do you have?)

I'm torn-not sure which to try. I'm leaning towards Jessicurl, just bc she's, well, jessicurl, but the Angell sounds pretty good too...I have a limited PJ budget otherwise I'd just buy both of'em!

Are the jessicurl trial sizes big enough to determine if the product will work for you or not? (and does she offer a discount for'ers? :oops: )

Please help me make up my mind! I have hair that has a very weak curl pattern (which may be due to a perm done 10/05) but gets very, very curly-albeit loose spirals, no corkscrews here :cry: -with the right attention . Probably appropriate to say 2bc w/ 3a moments? I wish my camera was cooperating, I'd put up a fotki.

thank you!

2cFii-ish with 3a moments. Always subject to change.
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