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Tonight I let my 11 yr old play with my hair. You know I love her a lot because today was a wash day and tomorrow I will NOT get 2nd day hair after my little style session! After she brushed (BRUSHED!!!) it and tried to pin it, braid it, put it in a bun and pull it out of my scalp she gave up and said, "Your hair is not good". I replied," My hair IS good. It was good all day long doing what it does naturally". Hmmph. That thought came right out of me and I didn't even have to think about it! Yay! Maybe I'm turning a corner!:laughing6:
I'm going to go ahead and say 3a
fine/medium texture and a bit porous-I color
Spring routine: Renpure luxurious argan oil shampoo/Loreal Advanced Care Color conditioner , HETT gel
Microfiber towel/diffuse
Trying KKCC


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