Does anyone have (or had) shoulder length waves? I have some questions.

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1. Does plopping work for you?
I seem to have VERY unconsistent results with it. One day ill get nice, waves and another my roots are wonky and my under layers stay stuck up to my head and dry that way.

2. Does upside down rinsing and styling work for you?
Again, my under layers get stuck upwards to the back of my head and won't fall. I think it's a combination of my hair being fine and shoulder length so it doesn't have enough weight to fall.

3. If/when you first went CG, were your waves looser?
I am 2 weeks in and my hair feels 10000x healthier but my waves have relaxed from 2b/c to 2a (even if I low poo and use lightweight products). I also went from bra strap to shoulder length so maybe this has something to do with it?

4. How is your hair cut?
I'm wondering if some of my layers are too short (some top ones are eye level) because they dry weird.

5. What techniques and products work the best for you?
I'm 2A, fine, tense, porous, and highlighted so I'm curious if I have a hair twin but am interested in all wavy routines!
2A/B. Mix of fine, medium, and coarse (mostly medium). Dense. Mix of normal and high porosity.
Dry climate.



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    my hair is currently below shoulder length, but when it was shoulder length:

    Plopping did nothing but produce a tangled mess.

    I washed and conditioned and rinsed my hair right side up. I turn my head upside down only to squeeze out excess water, then right side up.

    Conditioner washing makes my waves limp and my hair too fluffy. I use a sulfate shampoo that is very gentle and barely suds up. Never had dry hair issues.

    My hair is blunt cut, all one length. The shorter my hair is, the less wavy it is, so I avoid layers.

    My present routine is: shampoo with Fruitamins shampoo (from Dollar Tree), Condition with Pantene Curls as rinse out, Garnier Fructis S&S Leave in. Rarely diffuse, almost always air dry.

    My hair is very thick, somewhat fine, not sure about porosity. No dryness issues.