College student in need of hair advice

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Hello everyone!
I just joined the site because I need some help with my hair. This fall I will be attending college and I will be going away from home. For most of my high school career, I've always had my hair in some type of protective style whether it was braids extensions or a weave. So, I'm trying to learn and master taking care of my own hair since I wont have the means or money to get my hair professionally braided or for someone to do it. I was wondering if any of you ladies could give me tips and advice on how to take care of my hair in a new environment and a very limited budget. 20 dollars to be exact. Any product recommendations, regimen advice, blogs of natural college students, protective hair styling, etc would be greatly appreciated! I've been looking around myself and I am still very confused on how to make this work. I've been considering relaxing again but I'm using that as my last resort.

Little Background on my hair:
I have been relaxer free for 2 years
Natural for one year
My hair is 4b/4c and I have thin to medium strands
I currently use Suave Professionals Almond & Shea Butter Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner
Curls Creme Brule (Leave In)
Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie (moisturizer/styler)

The biggest problem I have with my hair is breakage and dryness

Thanks and I hope someone can help me!


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    Hi! I just graduated this year from college. I was pretty much in the same position as you. My hair is fine and normal to low porosity. Once I had my class schedule figured out I styled my hair once a week and either the night of the last class of the week or on the weekend. So that meant sometime between thursday afternoon and sunday.
    You could try protective styling like twists or flat twists during 'school days' and wear a twist out/puff etc when you are not in class or have down time.

    I suggest investing in an oil like olive oil. It'd be great if you could use coconut oil as well. I used it exclusively my first year and it really helped to protect my hair from myself lol and the chlorine because I saw a lot.

    You can try spritzing your hair and sealing it with oil overnight so that it is soft and pliable when you wake up to wash it.

    Detangling my hair with conditioner and letting it sit for a while as a deep condition before washing my hair really cut down on time. Some people leave the conditioner on overnight.

    Conditioner + oil = slip!!

    Vo5 conditioners are on par price wise with Suave, around a dollar or less. A lot of people have success with the moisture milks line.

    You should try tresemme naturals conditioner. A number of people have success using it as a leave in. This could cut down on money because it is a big 25/32 oz bottle.

    You can also try using everyday items to deep condition your hair like plain greek yogurt or honey or avocados (must be blended thoroughly).

    If you are in to gels I recommend Garnier Pure Clean.

    For dryness issues, try to condition your hair more than you shampoo. I shampooed once a week or once every other week and conditioned once or twice a week. Some people shampoo once a month.

    For me diluting some shampoo in an empty squeeze hair dye bottle with water made it less drying.

    The fall/winter can be rough. I wore my hair mostly in twists.
    A good investment might be a sleeping cap/bonnet that you can wear under your hat/beanie while you deep condition or have a bad hair day lol.

    to treat your ends kindly. Coat them in oil.
    have fun
    and the most important thing is deciding on what works for you.

    Some helpful site and people are:

    CollegeCurlies :For the fabulous and the Frugal
    Naptural85 on youtube
    Sera2544 on youtube 4b/4c hair
    Africanexport on youtube
    NaturalMe4c on youtube
    Glamfun on youtube
    Spicyeve on youtube
    Curlynikki's website

    You could also look up the LOC method and the baggy method.
    This is a lot of information. I hope it is helpful and have fun in college :) !!
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    You might want to consider adding protein too. Naptural85 on YouTube has a recipe that gets good reviews.

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    You can get more bang for your buck by doctoring cheaper conditioners to be deep conditioners. I add honey, oil, and banana baby food to my Tresemme Naturals and use it as dc. some people just use honey and oil. I will also add AvJ to my TN and a little oil and make my li. kimmaytube recipe
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    There will be times when you'll be so busy with school (and your part-time job if you have one) that you'll be tempted to skip treating your hair with TLC. Don't! Make sure to schedule time every week to cleanse, deep condition, and detangle. Matted knots are not fun to deal with. :( Save time by deep conditioning while you study or work on assignments.
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    I second the protein.
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