it's a wig

curlywavybeautycurlywavybeauty Registered Users Posts: 223
For weeks I've been wearing my hair in pigtails(two afro puffs I combed them out) or one ponytail, and yesterday i decided to wear my hair out. I guess it was a compliment but anyway a girl said my hair looks like a wig, and it's cute.
Why does my own natural hair ever look natural on me?!?!?!
when I was permed, people said my hair looked like it was tracks
when I first when natural people thought I had a texturizer
and now my hair is longer and it looks like a wig.
that's just kinda crazy to me.
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  • holly8holly8 Registered Users Posts: 632
    I hate it when people say things like that they think that people who have a black/African background can`t grow hair and it can`t come in different textures.An African girl ask me a year ago when my hair was permed if i was wearing a weave :shock: my hair wasn`t even pass my shoulders as yet.
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  • curlywavybeautycurlywavybeauty Registered Users Posts: 223
    I know! my hair isnt even long yet. I dont know if it was because it was curly, or just because of how it was sitting on my head. I like my hair because I can wear it curly with gel if I want, or I can comb it out and have an afro if I want.
    African American-to be more specific, Black Native american, White and Creole.
    3b,c and 4a hair
  • sidittysiditty Registered Users Posts: 62
    I get that all the time. It happened this week. I normally wear my hair in a ponytail or bun at work (new job) and I used my ceramic hot iron to give myself a straight look, why did two folks ask me was I wearing weave, they didn't realize how long my hair was because they never saw it down. I think people think black people can't have long hair.
  • hockeymomof3hockeymomof3 Registered Users Posts: 2,159
    Someone asked me last week if my hair was real.....this was someone I've known for awhile and just haven't seen lately and my hair has grown since then...strange.
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  • natashamcknatashamck Registered Users Posts: 434
    It happened to me too :) I was pulling my hair back in a puff at the gym on Thursday, and I use a knee-high to tighten it for how big I want it...

    So I guess this lady saw me pulling some thing that looked like a string around my puff - so she comes over and asks... "Where'd you get your hair from? 'cause I've been looking for a piece just like that" LOL

    So I explained to her that it was my real hair and she didn't believe me... I had to take down my puff for her to believe me...

    I guess I should take it as a compliment! :D
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  • NaturalRemedyNaturalRemedy Registered Users Posts: 371
    Hmm I don't think anyone has ever thought my hair was a wig or fake (or at least no one came up to me and said so), but I have gotten a lot of "are you mixed?" which I mean doesn't really bother me, but at the same time I don't understand why you MUST BE MIXED to have "good hair"... Even my BFF whose parents are Ugandan is constantly commenting on "white" or "mixed" hair, which bothers me b/c i just wanna be like your hair is lovely too!!! if...she'd just take care of it. But I mean I can't complain, it's good to be a walking advertisement that shouts "Yes! Black hair can look good in it's natural state!" I have gotten a lot more comments on my hair while it's natural than I ever did when it was straight ;)
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  • geminigemini Registered Users Posts: 3,325
    Yes, this happens to me all the time--even moreso after I recently had it cut. Even if it's a day when I have frizz and it doesn't have that shiny flawless look of a wig. If they don't think its a wig, then it's "Does your hair just do that on its own?" This is from black and white people alike. But then they are usually saying that because they really like my hair and that (I guess) they don't see people who have hair this curly and actually know how to take care of it.

    I don't get it either.

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