Do you have a "quick" routine?

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Do you have a quick, easy routine that you do when you wash your hair, need to get out fast AND have your hair look nice? Particularly 2s but I'm interested in any routines!

I'm trying to find an easy routine for early mornings when I need to be up and out. I don't mind leaving with wet hair but I'd prefer to use just one styling product and no diffusing, multiple steps, etc (I'm willing to do these things sometimes but not early mornings)... And preferably something that dries natural looking and not crunchy.... Basically just a product I can apply to wet or towel tried hair and know it'll dry looking okay.

I'm realizing I don't care so much about curl enhancement/encouragement. As long as I have some frizz control and a little definition I'm happy. With no product (or just leave in) I'm 2A. With gel I'm 2B but I actually think I prefer it when it looks 2A (weird, I know).

So...any product or technique recs?
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    I'm a 3 but I just leave with wet hair with my conditioner ( tresemme natural moisture) .... do you wash your hair daily?

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    I'm a 2 and I came to the same realizations recently. I was sick of my hair looking different from just sotc-ed to mid-afternoon to evening to just woken up in the morning! I want some consistency and for my hair to look and feel healthy, and that's all. It's definitely not weird to prefer it looking like it naturally is, so don't think that!

    I decided to ditch stylers and concentrate on finding a good conditioner to leave in. My routine right now is low-poo, conditioner, put some conditioner back in, scrunch out excess water with a curl cloth. My favourite conditioners I've tried for this so far are Jessicurl Too Shea! and Tresemme Naturals.

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    My hair sounds similar to yours. I've been using GF curl calm down cream, but it's not CG because it has amodimethicone. I use a very small amount though, and I haven't noticed build up yet. I have a low poo I can use if need be. That said, I'm getting a shipment of lots of curl creams to try, so I will report back if I find a great one! I'm mostly looking for frizz control and a bit of definition. Like you, I don't necessarily want to be curlier, I just want my hair to look nice :)

    Also, my hair routine has to be simple because I have two young kids, and I can't spend that much time on my hair. I just cowash and use a RO in the shower. Then, I wring out the excess water, apply KCKT leave in, scrunch out some water with a cotton t shirt, apply curl cream and scrunch. I've been plopping after that for 5-10 minutes, while I finish getting dressed, etc. Then, I take it down, finish scrunching if need be and let air dry the rest of the way. Results have varied from totally awesome hair to not so great :). Anyway, good luck!
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    You should look at the conditioner only styling thread. Sounds like it would be good for you. You can just apply an LI of your choice, scrunch a little, blot if you need and be out the door. Once you find the best LI for your hair, this will be extremely easy.

    If you don't mind wet hair in the morning this should work fine. No crunch to have to scrunch later! If you do hate wet hair in the morning I can suggest washing your hair in the afternoon/evening so in the mornings you'll literally have nothing to do. This has been working for me lately. I'm also generally a 2b (especially with gel etc.), but sometimes a 2a if I've smooshed my hair at night. If you don't mind the 2a look I really think conditioner styling is the way to go!
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    I'm also starting to care less about curl and just want hair that isn't frizzy or poofy. The best luck i have is with a silicone gets rid of the frizz and leaves me with beachy waves instead of 2c but then of course
    i'm no longer CG..i rely on a lowpoo to get it out...still looking for a CG cream/LI that doesn't have silicones that will do the same thing!
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    @kirasavannah: usually every other day but lately it's been's been 115+ here so my scalp gets kinda sweaty and nasty if I don't (sorry, tmi). :(

    @heyho, Sarahk, and IAgal: we all seem to be in the same boat! I was trying leave in only and it was okay but I think I need a little hold (maybe light or light medium hold) just because my hair is so fine and tends to "float away". The LI works alright but a tiny bit of hold and heft would be better i think. I was thinking of a curl cream (maybe Deva?)

    @wavydaze: I actually tried conditioner only and it wasn't bad! I liked that there was no crunch but I think maybe a curl or styling cream might be better..I'm wondering if the light hold would be good because my hair is fine and tends to fly away/float.
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    Even with multiple products, I don't spend more than 5 minutes on my hair most mornings (I scrunch in my products upside down, plop while I get dressed and then air dry). But if I'm doing minimal product, my best results are from not rinsing out all of my conditioner and then using a light hold gel (Mop Top Anti-Frizz has been working really well for this). The lighter gel gives all the perks of gel (definition, no frizz), but won't dry to a full gel cast, so there's no need to SOTC.
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