Hair breaking and getting short because of coconut oil

Hello, well my hair has been driving me crazy, I used to litterally abuse it with heat, relaxers, hair dye, etc.. It would fall out and break like an animal, right now I stopped all that and cut off all the damaged hair and left only few inches which were healthier and new. I havent been using heat for a really long time now all I do is shampoo once a week and condition, but I use coconut oil daily.. And after it stopped breaking off I was really happy and gained some length which I havent for yeaaaars.. Anyways my hair starting breaking off a lot again, so I decided to cut it short tomorrow.. Im so sad but I kind of have ti because some parts are now pretty short.. I will do that one haircut in which hair fron the back is short and the frobt is medium.. I was wondering if coconut oil or applying any oil on hair and expose it to sub make it burn?! Please..
I will post some before and after haircut picture.
Also my hair is naturally curly but it wouldnt curl now .. Though Id love to wear it curly again :'( im so sad..

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    Research suggests coconut oil can actually help protect against UV light damage and increase elasticity.

    But everything healthy in moderation, no food or product is good for you if you eat or use it excessively. Coconut oil could make your hair limp and straighter if your hair gets saturated, or tangly if you get build up as with many other products. That should improve after a couple of clarifying washes. Many of us can only use coconut oil as part of a weekly or fortnightly deep treatment not every day without washing off the excess.
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    Thanks a lot for the infos.
    I just applied Henna to my hair because I am hoping I get some color in it also because it claims it fortifies the hair am I wrong?
    I will wash it in a little bit without ant shampoo or product and After that I will let it air drt and then apply banana hair mask..
    Tomorrow I will cut my hair and get it done just because my friend's getting married tomorrow.. But after that I will start wearing my hair curly (or rather messy.. ) imight use some mousse or gel is it ok? Does it hurt my hair?
    Thank u

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    Omg I just washed my hair from henna and i can see some of my curls :O i am so happy and surprised, they are not as defined as the new hair growth but still.. Too bad ill be cutting off some of it tomorrow.. Hopefully it'll grow back in not time :(
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    So I spent the night with my hair down, my curls are awesome but my relaxed hair is dominant somehow, Ill have to wait for at least a year before I start wearing it curly and down.. Hopefully less though! But I am not going to be using heat on it unless its for occasions, for casual days I'll be doing hair wraping!
    Wish me good luck :(

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