Growing out a graduated bob

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I got my hair cut to a chin length bob Feb 1 of this year. Unfortunately, it wasn't what I asked for. She cut all of it when wet, which is normal, but she kept going shorter while it was still wet. My hair looked a whole lot shorter dry, because of it's shape and waves. So what I thought was going to be a bit below chin length came out a little above. In the back, even though I asked for a very slight angled bob, she cut it into that wedge style bob. The way my hair is, that look never worked starting from when she finished and blow-dried my hair. From day one I regretted it and I've been really upset since.

On the up side, cutting off that much hair made my hair become strangely curly. It used to be stick straight, then got a wave, and now I think I'm somewhere between 2a and 2b.

In these past months, (almost 5 since the cut) I haven't had a lot of growth. When I pull my hair straight, the front is right at collar bone length. The back, because of the silly layering, at it's longest is just below my chin. The shortest hairs in the back are about 4 inches long. Fortunately those are at the base of my neck, and so they look about shoulder length, but because the hairs are different lengths, its really puffy in the back, as opposed to laying somewhat flat.

I was wondering if anyone else has had to grow out a graduated bob, and how they survived the process. Also, about how long did it take to get the back to a length where you felt comfortable trimming the front so that all were once again the same length?


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    I got the exact hair cut on the same day! My hair is between a 2b and a 2c though. My graduated bob wasn't layered in the back but I do have some tips: don't be afraid to play up your look! Sometimes I take long strands towards the front of my face and create a braided "crown". Try using cloth headbands like at Forever 21 to pull back the long strands on hot days or getting cute pins. Bandanas are a fun way to play with hair during the summer too. Getting highlights can give more depth to your hair and draw more attention to the shape of your face. Don't be afraid to get your haircut again to re-shape it into a regular bob especially if you want to even it out sooner. I hope I helped cause I'm currently growing mine out too. Good luck :)

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