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Ok I'll try to make this brief:)

Without boring you with too much history - I've straightened my hair for years, which is naturally wavy/curly. Was sick of having to always use flat iron so wanted to find a wavy/curly style. Plus takes forever if I have to blow dry first and then straighten. And when there is rain/humidity, my nice straight hair turns into a huge poofy disaster. Picture #1 is my hair straight.

Tried CG method last summer and it worked; it really did. Picture #2 (this is a good hair day). But it took forever. By the time I would shower, plop, diffuse and wait 30 minutes to SOTC - I would be a good 1.5-2 hours in. This is longer than it took when I had it straight. I wanted something simpler, not more work.

And hopefully I don't get too much grief for this, but I actually got too much curl. It was probably just my issue because I see pics of you girls with curlier hair than mine was and I think "CUTE!". But with mine, I just felt like I had total "mom hair". I hope you all know what I mean by this. I am a mom so am not knocking moms but don't want the dreaded "mom hair" with no style and makes me look older than I am.

I've gone back to wearing it straight. I can shower at night, let it air dry while I sleep and flat iron it. All-in-all not too bad of a process. But still have to deal with issue of humidity, so would still love to find something where I can wear it wavy.

When I wash at night and let it dry overnight, I end up with decent waves. They are okay but would love to find something to enhance them, plus it is really poofy and frizzy.

Sorry, I don't have a good picture of this but can maybe get one if needed.

I am wondering if you guys have any ideas of products to try to just eliminate the frizz/poof and enhance the wave without getting too much curl. Either something I could use at night when I wash or something to put on the dry hair in the morning. Or both?

Am also open to the idea of washing in morning and diffusing but want routine that skips all the plopping time and waiting to SOTC, etc. Maybe this is horrible to ask for because I'm sure you would all love the same :) But since I don't want major curls, thought it might be possible.

Would love thoughts, ideas if anyone has. Hopefully I gave enough information without overloading you.



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    Ok I took a couple of pics today. I washed my hair and let it air dry. It's almost dry 4 hours later (was outside in 80 degree weather for about an hour of it).

    When I let it dry overnight, it ends up frizzier and poofier than this obviously. But thought this might help you get an idea of the wave.

    And like I said, it's "almost" dry so there is some dampness to it. With the last bit of drying it will cause it to frizz/poof.

    Sorry they're not the greatest pics.

    Thanks! :)
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    Firstly, I LOVE it curly!

    Secondly, I do understand that it is more work. I was never "into" hair; I am extremely low maintenance, wore it in a ponytail for years, so it does take longer in the morning now. IMHO though, it's worth it, for me. my mom has always straightened her hair. She washes twice a week, and just wakes up, gives it a once over with the flat iron and is good to go. She tried the Cg method and said it was way too much work and quit. So it's not for everyone.

    I don't have much luck with "2nd day" hair (or beyond) because I like it curly, not wavy. But it sounds like you're okay with that. A good compromise would be using the CG method products and techniques on the first day, but letting it do its thing on subsequent days. I can't imagine on wash day, it takes any less time to wash, blow dry and straighten than it does to wash, dry and SOTC. Am I right?

    What products are you currently using? Are you still using your CG stuff? What is your current routine?
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    I don't have a pic but it looks like our hair types are pretty similar. Yours is slightly longer. I don't plop and I think it has to do with the length of mine not letting it work well. I put gel in my hair right in the shower while it's still pretty wet and then scrunch it with a microfiber towel-that gets it pretty dry-ish...and I diffuse it to almost dry and do a final shake out when I get to work. I have been getting second day hair by wetting it down with conditioner and water spray and scrunching. It's pretty humid here in Jersey today so I woke up uber curly this morning! I calmed it all down with the spray and put it up a little with clips. Sometimes I throw it back in a headband if I don't like the way it looks that day...anyway-it has been about a month going curly for me now and I feel like I'm getting it into a doable routine. Your hair looks so pretty curly! I hope you stick with it!
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    I love your hair curly! If you want to avoid mom hair - I don't think you look like that - have a curly specialist haircut (see salon reviews on the main NC site and the Facebook page for the Curly Girl book. You look like you do a part, maybe mix it up with your hair's natural part and more curl and volume on the top.

    Many curlies take a couple of hours start to finish, but we don't all see that as a problem, we just structure our day to make it work for us - the only times you need to be 'actively' involved is the washing and diffusing. Ladies do make up or have breakfast whilst plopping; are driving to work (with or without heating/ air con going) before scrunching, they don't sit around waiting.

    You don't have to plop at all, you could scrunch out the excess water with a microfibre or flour sack towel. Some use a hard hat hairdryer or a bonnet one to hit the whole head at once. Or do your curls at night and work on second day hair. Are you doing the pineapple at night, satin pillowcase or sleep cap? Have you tried an overnight plop on wet hair? I actually do my personal hygiene the other way around, hair only in the morning, body only at night if I am pressed for time.
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    I say skip the plopping too. Scrunch the excess water out with a tshirt, then diffuse. :)
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    Sorry I haven't had a chance to get on here to say thank you...but thank you guys so much for all the replies!

    To touch on a few questions/comments....

    Thank you for the compliments on my hair! Honestly, it might just be the curls on me that I have an issue with. And really, I like the curly style better than straight but think maybe it is just on me that I don't love? I am not sure. And Firefox7275, you may be right...maybe I just need a different style for the curly.

    I think it is just the time it takes that I am not willing to put into it. I admire that all of you are and you have the beautiful hair to show for it :) I guess I like my sleep way too much, ha!

    I think another part of it is that I am a SAHM so most days I am just running my kids to school/preschool and/or running errands. Seems silly to get up an 1-1.5 hour earlier just to have the curly hair. I can do it straight and have 1-1.5 hours extra of sleep. And just seems so "made-up" for spending the day running errands.

    I don't mind putting in the time/work if I am going out somewhere nice or for something important.

    Can't remember who asked but since I am able to shower/wash my hair at night, it is a lot faster to wear it straight than doing the whole curly thing in the morning. Have never been able to wash it at night (or get 2nd day hair) when doing CG method/wearing it curly.

    Have tried a couple of things since writing the first post. Tried washing at night (no mousse/gel, etc) and either putting it in 2 buns or 2 braids. Come out with wavy hair in morning that looks okay. Will work for those days that I know I will not be in the mood to straighten it. Especially these hot, humid summer days...not worth taking the time to straighten my hair, just to have it go poofy on my as soon as I walk out the door :)

    Obviously I am wishing there was something "in-between" this and the full-on method so hair would turn out cuter than "okay" but not take the extra 1-1.5 hours :)

    Am experimenting so may try doing CG method and wash in morning with no plopping but am still worried it will take so long to dry/diffuse since it's so thick that it won't really save any time. But I never know until I try! :)

    I am probably just too lazy and like my sleep too much to ever have really nice hair, ha! Just really don't mind the "wave" it has in the morning after washing at night (letting it air dry) so just wish there was a way to tame the huge POOF it gets, especially in the underneath layers.

    Enough rambling...thanks again everyone who gave their input :)
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    I still don't understand why you are spending so long on your hair. Do you need to spend so long diffusing? Why can't you leave the house/ stay in with wet or damp hair if all you are doing is running errands and playing chauffeur? Plenty of us root clip and air dry partly or wholly, are seen in public before scrunching out the crunch. Not sure where you get the idea we all spend one and a half to two hours faffing and diffusing.

    Taming the poof is correct product selection and amounts, plopping gives me frizz/ wonky underlayers because they dry out faster than the canopy. Scrunching the water out only means I can scrunch the wetter sections more and the dryer sections less so it dries more evenly. Ditto second day hair is partly product selection and the amount you use.
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    Here's what I do and have found works well for me. I wash at night and style my hair; I have to make sure to use a hard hold gel or it won't preserve the wave like I like it to. Then I diffuse and/or air dry. I DO NOT SOTC, I pineapple my hair when dry and ready to go to sleep while its still crunchy. In the morning I take out my pineapple, scrunch my hai a bit, spray with a touch of water and go on my way. It's worked really well for me! But the only way it works is with the hard hold gel. And I can usually wash every other day and have pretty waves.
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    My hair loves protein, plopping, and diffusing! Trying to find a way to style and air dry.
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    Oh no, sorry, I didn't think you guys took 1-1.5 hours just on diffusing :) Just saying that's how much extra time it would take to do CG method (wear it curly) and get ready in the morning. Obviously a little of that is showering obviously saving some time on that too if doing it at night.

    And maybe it was just the process I I said, am still learning.

    My hair takes FOREVER to air dry so if I didn't spend much time diffusing it, it would still be pretty wet even by the time i got home from everything. And maybe it was just what I did to it but wasn't a big fan of what my hair looked like wet.

    I realize I mentioned I"m just dropping kids off, etc but still my hair looks better straight or even with the bit of wave I can get so would rather than than have to wear it wet the whole time. And while wet would be fine this time of year, am not a fan of doing that all winter.

    Like I said, I'm sure it's just a personal preference thing and maybe i just need to try different routines and products but for what I did try in the past, it took much longer than washing at night/straightening in the morn.

    Was just looking for new suggestions of product ideas or routine ideas other than what I have tried.

    Thanks for all the suggestions - will definitely have to try some out and will keep checking out other posts for ideas.

    Thanks again!
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    To the OP: you're not alone. I think it takes way too much time to do my hair curly. It's way more work than it was when I straightened it. I can't find an in between the wavy & curly I get either. So I just don't do it much at all anymore. Im way too low maintenance & love sleep too much to do my hair curly every morning and I can't get 2nd day hair either. We're basically twins on this lol. It takes me 1.5 hrs start to finish to do my hair curly and it takes way too long to let it air dry. Plus if I dont diffuse, its totally flat. If you find something that works, let me know lol.
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    I have thick hair, so I can relate to long drying times (my chin length hair takes about 6 hours to dry with product in it). I've found that certain products will increase or decrease drying times. For example, most jelly products (KCCC, etc) will increase the amount of time my hair needs to dry.
    I sing in two choirs on Sunday mornings, and am often rushing to get out the door on time, so I definitely don't have time to diffuse completely. But I'm the cantor during the first Mass, so I'm down on the altar and wet hair isn't an option. My solution has been to style my hair with mousse on Sundays. As of today I've found two mousses that have enough hold to use without gel, but will dry much quicker than any gels I've tried. I diffuse for about 5 minutes and then air dry the rest of the way. My hair is dry in less than an hour and a half, compared with my normal 6 hours.
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    I agree about curly hair taking longer. I, too, was looking for simple. I hate hate hate straightening my hair. It takes too long and then goes poof the second I'm out the door.

    I don't have an answer for you. I'm also a stay at home mom and most days just throw my hair up in a clip and be done with it. Seems like a waste of time to "style" my hair just to run around after my kids, my pets, do chores, and run errands.

    I really want to be able to wash, throw some gel/mousse/cream/spray or whatever product works, and be done ending with lovely looking hair. Is that too much to ask? :tongue5:

    It seems like this is the CG method, but I'm finding it's harder than I thought it would be. I'm dealing with weighed down, greasy looking hair and bald spots on my scalp from the clumping. Not cool.

    I'll keep playing, and in the mean time I'll keep putting my hair up. Cause when all I have to do is walk out of my bedroom to enter my "work place" I don't want to fuss a lot with my hair.

    So my suggestion for normal "stay at home mom" days is to use clips and contain the poof that way.

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