Moisturized but not greasy?

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So I am having a cunundrum, I feel like either my hair is moisturized, not frizzy, or frizzy (halo at the crown) and not greasy. I have 3b fine, thin hair, so my hair gets weighed down very easily. I really don't want to spend a ton of money trying to find the right leave-in (just stopped using Suave Naturals as my leave-in, thought it might be best to find a real leave-in), so I'm hoping someone could help. I don't use any gel/styler, since everything seems to weigh my hair down, and it is defined enough on it's own. But is that what I'm missing? Something to seal in the moisture?


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    Our hair properties are similar. I had been having issues with finding a leave in that didn't leave my hair greasy. I finally stumbled on a thread that made me think to try a LI w/o any oils or butters in the ingredients.

    I now rotate between Beauty Without Cruelty LI, KCKT (pricey) and Acure Organics Moroccan Argan Stem Cell & Argan oil (not technically a LI and has minor amts. of oils but really works for me).

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    from friends and relatives, it seems that curl junkie beauticurls leave in is great with fine hair -- moisturizing, never greasy, never weighs it down. i do use it from time to time (my medium hair likes something heavier) and beauticurls leave in is great for layering or alone.

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    You also try using more leave-in that you already have and sealing with a very very light oil like grapeseed, apricot, or argan (not the commercial kind, the natural silicon-free kind) or a medium weight oil like almond or jojoba oil.

    I've also heard of sealing with aloe vera juice or gel depending on your preference instead of oil.
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    I use a leave in conditioner that's a spray. While my hair isn't fine, I don't like greasy hair. Try the Shea moisture curl smoothie for your ends & milk to moisturize your hair. The milk you can also use as a leave in. (A little of the milk goes a long way.) I like the Softee olive oil gel. It's a light hold gel that won't leave your hair crunchy. It has panthenol in it so you may be able to use it alone as a moisturizer.
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    Neither of these things will weigh down or build up on your hair & will rinse right out.
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    I think porosity is really important in this. My hair is fine/low porosity (not dense.) I can use minute amounts of really rich products, but it HATES the SM Smoothie and Milk. They just sit on my hair. I had to wash them out.

    A recommendation I'd make is to up your protein--and get the moisture/protein balance right. That way, products won't weigh your hair down, as much.

    I also use "jelly" products--my definition is gelatinous consistency without the chemicals. We're having high dewpoints right now. I use a leave in OR curl enhancer with a jelly product. When the dewpoints are really low, I use a leave in AND a curl enhancer with jelly product.
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