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Anyone have any experience or luck with this? I've seen my stylist twice today since starting CG. Last week for a cut, and a second time(today) to add some more layers. She's seen my facebook posts about this website and the Curly Girl book and today she commented on how healthy my hair looked today. She is curly but straightens - and she wore her hair curly today and it was very cute - she only does that on days when she is out of time. There is no one in the area that is certified to do Devacuts or Ouidad or any other curly method (if there is one?) and I think she'd be smart to give it a try for her own hair, her daughter's hair, and her curly clients. From a business standpoint too, I think she'd do very well. The natural hair trend is just beginning here! I'd love to give her the info, but don't want her take offense.
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Currently trying to figure out a winter routine and transition to a less harsh "poo" for summer.


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    Maybe drip feed information? Tell your stylist you were amazed to read that two thirds of the world's population have wavy or curly hair yet so many of us are complaining there are few specialists. Us Brits are terribly served, whinge, whine! Or happen to comment how mainstream cleansing conditioners are becoming, with the L'Oreal Ever- series, Pantene, WEN, Sally's, etc.

    Perhaps link on your Facebook to the Curly Girl book FB page and Scott Musgrave FB page, both they have a ton of before and after salon photos that might give her a lightbulb moment. If she responds with interest you can offer to lend her your copy?

    I'm amazed how few salons have sulphate free and silicone free products: sulphates are contraindicated in eczema/ dermatitis, silicones can trigger or worsen acne, that's a lot of potential customers whether straight or curly.
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    When I went in for my cut my stylist asked if I used conditioner since my hair is so fine. I told her yes and that I even wash with it and she was thrilled! She commented on how healthy my hair was and how she wished for curls ! I'm mod CG I occasionally use a sulphate and I use cones in in my leave ins.
    I think telling her why your hair looks so good and healthy and your routine/ technique will help influence her. The proof is in the product ;)