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Hey ladies! I'm new to this site and am getting completely lost and overwhelmed with abbreviations (I have the abbreviation thread up in one tab, a google search in another, and searching this forum in another).

I had the curly girl book years ago (back before she had products out) and was really too young to stick with it. Over the years I have casually tried going no-poo again (but conveniently forgot that it was sulfate/silicone free conditioners/products that were supposed to be used, not just normal conditioner and products without shampoo). Recently picked up the new copy after a friend suggested it and Deva products to me to see what I had forgotten--it was a lot!

Bought No-Poo and OneCondition and the Ultra Defining Gel. I was about to run out of product, so went to a Deva Inspired salon to see what they thought I oughta use and to get a DevaCut. They suggested the Volumizing Foam, and B'leave-in conditioner. And told me "You can use some gel if you want," but didn't specify the gel (ArcAngel, Ultra Defining, Light Defining).

With all of my searching I came upon this forum. Then upon hearing all the other products out there (and several people on here who dislike the Deva products for several reasons, one being the COST!).

But let's cut to the chase! :)

My goal is to have bigger, bouncier hair. And to get my wavier curls to kick it into gear and curl better! :)

I'm pretty sure I'm a 3a/2c.

From what I can gather, I have low porosity, medium thickness, normal elasticity, medium-to-high density shoulder length hair.

What products would you guys suggest to give a try first?

(P.S. I'll post a picture as soon as I can--my tele is being strange at the moment.)
3a/2c, medium thickness, medium density, medium porosity (I think! :))

Cleanser: Deva No-Poo
Conditioner: Deva OneCondition
Leave-in: KCKT
Stylers: Spiral Solutions Firm Hold Gel/Spiral Solutions Shapely Spirals (formerly Curl Enhancing Jelly)



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    I am not completely clear on your question, but if it regarding the gels- examine each ingredient to see the difference between each gel. I know a lot of people who have love and hate relationships with different products. However, you need to configure your hair type (porosity, texture, density and elasticity), dew point/climate, and what ingredients your hair dislikes and likes, before you listen to others on their opinions on products. I love deva curl products- but I know curlies who hate them. I dislike miss jessie products, but I know curlies who LOVE them. Before purchasing all the deva products, maybe you could start with lower-priced products, such as: V05, Suave, Garnier Fructis (no silicone line), etc.

    However, if you choose to buy the deva products, I love the no-poo, One Condition, and Ultra Defining Gel.
    CG, High Porosity, Fine, Low Density, Medium Elasticity
    Suave, V05, GF Go clean gel, ACV rinses, CO, and Gelatine PT.

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