30th Birthday Ideas?

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Hi everyone! I feel like it's been forever since I've posted on here. My mom has been planning a small 30th birthday party for me and we have been trying to think of clever ideas to do for it. It is going to be family and a couple of close friends. My initial thought was to have a BBQ (it's going to be a backyard party). My mom suggested something related to the 30 theme such as a wine and cheese theme with 30 different types of cheeses(which we are now thinking would be impossible, especially to have ones that people would actually like/try. So then we thoguht of 30 different candies which could be possible, but I'm just wondering if anyone has any good ideas. We are hoping to do this relatively inexpensive because I wasn't planning on doing anything special and I don't want to put her out financially planning this thing. Thanks!!
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    I love the 30 different things idea!!!

    For my Moms birthday last year, I did a slider bar with about 20 different toppings, maybe something along those lines? I'll see if I can find the list if you're interested.
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    Maybe a fondue w/ 30 different things to dip or 30 different alcoholic beverages.

    I don't think it would be impossible to find 30 different cheeses that ppl would want to try, esp if you had crackers and different things to top them with like various sliced vegetables, diced meats, fresh herbs, garnishes, etc
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    30 Helium balloons (your choice of color/colors) Tie a ribbon at the end of each and attach a pic of you on each one starting from age 1 year to 30.
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