Need a spray leave-in that does actually spray!

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I have been looking for a spray leave-in but all the ones I have tried basically come out in a stream not a mist.
I need a mist as my hair does not take kindly to being scrunched and is much happier if I let it fall into place then mist it with a leave-in.
I have recently cut all my damage off and am now embracing my baby fine curls, I want to quit using ANY heat on it as it really does not like it.:-(
Can anybody suggest anything? Preferably something that is available in Australia or online without crazy shipping fees!


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    The problem you will have is that any product thin enough to mist cannot be a true leave in conditioner, it would be at best a detangler or treatment. Even oil free conditioners contain fatty alcohols and cationic surfactants, these are 'creamy' not watery ingredients.

    I am using the Komaza Care Matani repair treatment spray at present (ceramides, panthenol, hydrolysed protein so good for fine or damaged hair), it's a fine mist but not a conditioner. Not sure how easily you can get that in Australia tho.
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    Shescentit Spray LIs are very nice.
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    I'm liking Nutress Stop Break Leave-In.
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