Do you suffer from *****y resting face?

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  • Fifi.GFifi.G Posts: 15,490Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I thought, by the title, it was s****y resting face. Or ugly ass sleep face, wake up with pillow marks all over your face, etc. I knew that must not be the case when you said that people ask you not to kill them, unless you have strangers walking into your bedroom. Lol.

    Funny parody, but no, I do not suffer from b****y resting face. I suffer from sad resting face, or deep in thought please leave me alone face.
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  • HoneycurlsHoneycurls Posts: 1,889Registered Users
    Haha, yes. I used to get that kind of thing all the time. This topic comes up every so often here, usually under the title of random people telling us to "!"

    I personally have discovered that it's because I have Grumpy Cat syndrome--my facial features, when relaxed, naturally form the look of a frown, and as I get older, it becomes more pronounced. There is also a short line of freckles that have developed at one corner of my mouth over the years, and they extend downward in a frown formation, further enhancing the appearance of a frown.

    It doesn't happen anymore because either as I age, I look more and more like such a ***** that no one wants to approach me in that way (which is great) or my efforts at keeping the corners of my mouth up in a more neutral position are working. I really have been working at making my face look more friendly because my resting look really is pretty negative looking, and that's not how I want to represent to the world for various reasons.
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  • longlivecurlslonglivecurls Posts: 271Registered Users
    Apparently this happens to me. My coworkers would ask me if I was mad I'd say no I guess my face wasn't saying the same thing lol. One time I was walking to my car in a parking lot (note: I was wearing sunglasses) and a stranger passing by told me I should smile. Even when half my face is covered can't hide the b*****y resting face smh. xD
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  • KatiecurlKatiecurl Posts: 236Registered Users
    I am like Fifi in that I always look "sad." When I was younger, I used to get "smile!" ALLLL the time. As I get older (in my 40's) I guess people don't care anymore (like Honeycurls) but I did just have the clerk at Michael's craft store sigh and tell me to "smile" as I was buying some paint recently. It used to be men, but as I get older and lose my hotness I guess only grumpy clerks bother to say anything anymore, lol!
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    I am a little *****y IRL, so it's not a total misrepresentation. LOL

  • PerriPPerriP Posts: 6,613Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I actually work on smiling when I'm walking along, etc because my normal face does fall in these parameters.
    I really loathe the "what's wrong?" "smile" "it can't be that bad" "are you angry?" comments. I know they are meant from a place of caring, but really - being told over and over that my face is not pleasant - well, it's not pleasant! :)
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    I get this all.the.time
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  • KarimaKarima Posts: 36Registered Users
    Hahahaha love this

    'Trust me, its worse to have a friendly-face,' wrote one commenter. 'People just think they can approach you whenever.'
  • curlisue1curlisue1 Posts: 494Registered Users Curl Novice
    Yes. My normal face evidently looks unhappy. I find it offensive when people tell me to smile. Do people really expect me to walk around with some goofy smile on my face ALL the time. I know they don't mean to be offensive but still I don't like it.
  • lcl0706lcl0706 Posts: 959Registered Users
    I love this!! I hate being asked what's wrong all the time! a lot of people have told me they thought I was a complete b*tch until they got to know me.
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  • SuddenLiiSuddenLii Posts: 21Registered Users

    I saw a funny picture talking about "chronic ***** face" and why you feel happy or cheerful but if you're not actively doing anything then you probably look dead.

    What's funny is that it's kind of rare on guys but I know this one guy who I met in my biology class because I was stuck sitting next to him, and I swear he looked like an axe murderer but alas he's probably one of the most happy-go-lucky guys ever when he's talking. After I told him that, he thought it was hilarious and would make an actual effort to make his "axe murderer" face around me XD

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