New here/hair type question/Confused

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Hello All,

I had not had a perm in my hair for 10 years but I always flat ironed it. I stopped doing that in January. My daily regime is to drench my hair in the shower, apply coconut oil, apply eco styler gel and put it in a ponytail. I co-wash about twice a week with VO5. I did have box braids for about 2 1/2 months. I have noticed that the front of my hair (which I brush the most to get it into a ponytail) is still all straight. It is not waving up like the back (see attached pic). Is it because of the brushing into the ponytail everyday? Also, can anyone tell me what my hair type is? If it means anything, I have not done a bc yet.


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    Maybe 4a, can we get a wet hair pic? Heat damage is probably the reason for the straightness

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    Welcome! Heat damage can make hair straight, it won't always recover. So can wet brushing and ponytailing, both can cause substantial mechanical damage but usually some of the curl will return once you stop. What type of brush are you using?

    Don't you use conditioner daily? The ingredients in these attract and hold water, patch damaged areas, help protect from the friction of the brush. Basics are cationic surfactants and fatty alcohols, but ceramides, panthenol and hydrolysed protein are beneficial to damaged hair.

    You might blend your oil with your ecostyler to make a custard
    Eco Styler Olive Oil Custard - YouTube
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    I will take a pic with my hair wet tomorrow. It is a lot finer when it is wet. When I do the ACV it is even finer. LOL. I wet brush almost everyday. I am getting my hair braided next week. I think I need to just to stay out of it because I don't think I know what I am doing. It is growing but I am not ready for the big chop yet.