New Haircut Doesn't Work w/Transitioning Hair!

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Hi Everyone,

I got a new cute short hair cut in an effort to get rid of a lot of my relaxed ends, which were causing tons of breakage. My hair was a little past my bra strap, and i cut it little above my shoulders in an angled bob (~6 in cut). It looks great when flat ironed but it's enormous :shock: when in a braid out due to the thickness of my hair/layers. Any suggestions for transitioning hairstyles to help tame it a little? I 'm 6 months into my transition and I don't want to flat iron for the next 6 months.

See the attachments for straight vs curly.


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    It doesn't look huge to me. It actually looks nice. I am not a fan of big hair, and that looks like normal thick wavy hair. You may just need to adjust to the length and look. I am not so sure about styles but playing around with updos, half up half down styles and hair accessories would be a good idea. You may also need to use a heavier conditioner so your hair will be weighed down. I would also recommend continuing the braid outs or the top knots to have more control of your hair.

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    I actually really love the braid-out picture! It doesn't look enormous to me either.

    If you think it's too big, in addition to maybe a heavier conditioner I would also maybe band it to stretch it out when you wear it down. When you do a braid out or twist out, instead of just letting the braids/twists hang down, you may want to try stretching them across your head and pinning them in place to dry - that way they stretch out while they dry rather than shrinking. I did this one time before and got a super stretched out twist out (I only did it once because I prefer my really full thick, shrunken twist outs lol).

    For me the best blending method has been roller sets. I use sponge rollers but only because I already had them on hand; I would not recommend as they can be drying and they snag your hair. I'm planning on getting a good set of magnetic rollers for my roller sets. If you roll really tightly at the roots, smoothing them out, then you can get pretty smooth roots. I've seen some naturalistas achieve an almost blown-out look by using magnetic rollers.

    I also used Curlformers. I really liked them - it's a much more defined, "tamed" look which I don't like for every day but is sometimes a nice change, or good for prepping a stretched twist-out - but it's been raining a lot lately and so my relaxed ends look like trash at the end of the day from the humidity. Curlformers get your hair really sleek - even my natural hair was sleeker than normal. I use the long and wide, which aren't actually that wide. They give you medium-sized curls. I got 48 and I use nearly all of them on my hair - only 4-6 left over. My hair is thick.
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    Thanks so much ladies! I'll definitely try the heavier conditioner and banding my braids for a more stretched out look.

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