My office is a different climate!

Maybe this is obvious to everyone else, but I just realized that it may be more useful to tailor my products to my office climate than to the outside on a work day. My hair does the bulk of its drying there. So, I would assume it's around 70F with low humidity? If I'm spending the day in the lab it's much colder (and drier, probably).

My hair does tend to get frizzier as the day goes on. Perhaps it's losing moisture to this air conditioned desert ;-) Maybe sealing on every work day is a good idea.

Anyone ever try tailoring their products to the office instead of the outside?
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    CurlyGrey3 wrote: »
    Anyone ever try tailoring their products to the office instead of the outside?

    I've never actually done it, but I've thought about this a lot because I spend 90% of my day inside. I'm just not a big outdoorsy person.

    Since I work from home, I do pay attention to humidity levels -- open windows bring that humidity right inside.

    I'd say it's worth a shot to style based on the conditions you spend the most time in, though! :)
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    I think this is common. I've definitely seen this topic on the boards. :)
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