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Hi all,

I've been off and on CG for about half a year now but am determined to start and really stick to it. I'm looking for some good product recommendations!

I have low porosity, medium, medium hair. It's 2b/c and about bsl straight. I live in a low dew point (0-40 typically), dry climate and have hard water.

In the past I've found that my hair really likes ACV rinses and protein. I'm currently using a lo 'poo (can't remember the brand right now) and as my RO conditioner I'm using Hugo Naturals Smoothing & Defining. I follow these with a diluted ACV rinse, LI (same as my RO) and with a Kevin Murphy Oil Free Volumiser.

My hair HATES glycerin and Aloe Vera. I really like to avoid humectants due to the year-round low dew-points. I've had a lot of success in the past with coconut oil as my DT.

I'm looking to try co-washing again to alternate with my lo 'poos (I was using a super heavy conditioner in the past and it was weighing down my hair) and want a light-weight, protein conditioner. I'm also looking for gel recommendations.

My problem is that I live in Canado and can't seem to find Suave Coconut anywhere (so many people rave about it here!) or many of the other products. I've found TRESemme products but never the Natural Moisturizing conditioner that other people have suggested as well.

Any suggestions/thoughts? I would really love some recommendations!

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