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I'm trying to make up my mind on what kind of bassinet to go with. What kind of bassinets have you guys used? I like the idea of the arms reach co-sleeper that attaches to the side of the bed, but I'm also intrigued by some bassinets that can be used as a moses basket, can be changed into a changing table, have a side that drops down so it can attach to the bed, has storage underneath, vibrates, have a nightlight..etc. I just can't decide!

Has anyone had an arms reach co-sleeper? Is it worth the hype or would you have rather used a more multi purpose bassinet? If you used a regular bassinet and were pleased with it, what kind was it? Thanks guys! :wink:



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    I have a co-sleeper, and I really liked it. You can attach it to your bed, so it's like you're co-sleeping, but you each have your own area - for those who are afraid of rolling over on baby. Even if you don't attach it to your bed, and just use it as a normal bassinette, it's fairly big, and sturdy, and mine has storage underneath which is nice. And the sides are made of all mesh, which improves air circulation, and helps with breathing and such.

    I couldn't tell ya about those that go into changing tables and such. I found the changing table to be a waste, and I never used mine. I changed B on the floor on a changing pad, or a blanket. It was just much easier, and I didn't have to worry about having things w/in arms reach, or her rolling off.

    I also had a Moses Basket, which I thought was the absolute best. I used both the Moses Basket AND the bassinette. B slept in the Moses basket most for the first few weeks to a month or so. When you're breastfeeding it's best to look for their cues that they want to nurse - or sometimes they will just continue in their sleep pattern and not wake up. With the Moses Basket I just kept her in it in the living room, and I carried it w/ me to the bathroom if I needed to take a shower, or the kitchen while I did dishes, etc.

    It was also nice b/c it fit in the bassinette of the co sleeper, so when she feel asleep in the basket, if I wanted her in the bedroom, or if *I* wanted to nap in bed as well, I would just put the whole basket in the co sleeper.
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    We had a Moses basket and an Arm's Reach and both got used a lot. She also slept in the Pack and Play a lot. We even had an Amby (never ever used it, even once...maybe the next ome).

    I wish we had gotten something like one of these:

    I think if I could've rocked her without picking her up, I may have been able to get her to sleep better.

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