Question about ice queen method and upside down styling

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Anytime I try rinsing or applying products upside down my under layers and ends do this weird thing... They kind of get bent up and stuck near my scalp. Idk how else to explain. It happens regardless of whether I comb, plop, etc and I have to pull those waves to untangle them from the rest. I've tried letting it dry to see if they fall naturally but they don't... They dry like that.

IK the ice queen method and applying products upside down is popular here... Has anyone else had this problem? If I apply right side up I obviously don't have this issue but I have no root lift (even if I plop).
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    I have that problem. Id suspect it has something to do with fine and or thin hair being easily malleable - like how I get ponytail dents easily. So I don't rinse upside down. I flip my head over after rinsing, shake out my hair, rake products in upside down then flip back up & rake thru the bottom layers, do it side to side, then scrunch in the same manner. Upside down, right side up, side to side. Then I plop & tie the back loosely & don't leave it in too long. Then I diffuse the same way. All directions.

    I can't ice queen or super soak either. It's not just you.
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    After I plop, I manually pull down my bangs and back pieces. It helps if I grab them like a clump and place the bangs, and then I just rake the back straight down and then scrunch a little to help them re clump in the opposite direction.
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    I get that, leaving more water in helps even adding a bit extra, I guess the fine hair dries out too fast. Also not plopping but scrunch out the water with a flour sack towel instead.
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    I can't do anything upside down, I have the same issues as you. I have to manipulate it so much to get it sitting right that I lose the whole point of having done things upside down in the first place!
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