*baking soda or co-wash?*

Howdy Y'all:wave:....I'm not exactly sure if baking soda is good for hair. If you read the ingredients list on the label it says that baking soda is a sodium. I do'nt really understand how a sodium could benefit hair. It sounds damaging to me. I have been using it mixed with water as shampoo for several weeks. I have'nt had bad results but i definitely do not want to continue this if it is a bad habit! I have also been using ACV mixed with water as a conditioner. I could understand how it smooths the cuticle and adds shine, but I do'nt know if it actually moisturizes. I need someone with experience and knowledge to tell me if what I am doing is wrong!!!!! Would I be better off co-washing?
Curly Girl Method
Curl pattern-mostly 3a with some 2c and 3b
Lenght-Medium (growing out)
*Weekly heated oil treatments..evoo or evco
Cowash-suave naturals
Styler-16 tbls garnier fructis sleek & shine intensely smooth leave in conditioning cream, 10 tbls aloe vera gel, 6 tbls agave nectar, 1oz cocoa butter, 1ts vitamen E oil, 1ts evoo, 1ts apricot oil... and sometimes flax seed gel