Hair advice, anyone?

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    Wow, pretty hair. Hope all is well with mommy.

    I'm kind of afraid to suggest anything. Haha! 30 products. That's a lot. Have you tried olive oil? It really helps with frizz and it makes the hair shiny also. Shea butter? Castor oil? Coconut oil? Giovanni Direct Leave-In? What about conditioner-only washes? Rinsing the hair with cold water helps also. I use all of these to combat frizz, but it's never all gone. Frizz sort of comes with the package of having curly hair, so don't be too upset if it's never completely gone. Although, you may find something that will eliminate it completely. You never know. :)

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    Oh, yeah. Sometimes the use of constant heat can cause frizzy hair.

    What is your usual routine?

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    Try a modified version of the Curly Girl method, a key aspect is applying your products to dripping wet hair. techniques are just as important as products ,there are a ton of links from the stickies on the Newbies and general haircare boards. You don't say what ingredients you are sensitive to nor your hair properties so it difficult to make any suggestions.

    Conditioner is a key aspect of clumping and frizz control, especially the fatty alcohols and cationic surfactants and you don't mention using those. You might purchase a conditioner base with really simple ingredients that you can use to conditioner-only wash, also take a second batch to add your oils or proteins to make a leave in conditioner. Ideally that would be at pH 4.5 to 5.5 to respect your skin's protective acid mantle and hair.

    For styling you might consider homemade flaxseed gel, okra gel, xanthan gum (a food ingredient) or aloe vera gel.

    Another option is Komaza Care products if you like natural scalp friendly ingredients. Hopefully you can find something you are not likely to react to, also I hear their customer service is excellent so you might e-mail them with any queries.
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    Hmmm... I say trying a heavier leave-in. The ingredients in the one you're using seems fine. Although, you said you were using protein. Maybe your hair is getting too much. You could try taking out the protein and adding something else more moisturizing.

    If that doesn't work, maybe try the conditioner only thing. I know some people don't like it, but almost everyone who's tried it, loved it for their hair. Including me. :)

    Or, you could try both at the same time. Hey! *Throws hands up.*

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    Try shea moisture or tresemme naturals

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