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hey, i'm looking for a good black pencil eyeliner. i'm a HUGE eyeliner junkie and it's a staple in my everyday beauty routine. i had used my friend's eyeliner that she left at my house but i can't remember the brand...any suggestions?
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    i LOVE Bonne Bell eyeliner because it's cheap!!!

    and if you want a change from black, the deep plum shade is WONDERFUL!!!!

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    I swear by Cover Girl-- I think they are called smooth glides. They only come in 3 shades (black, brown, silver) but they go on sooooo smooth! Also AVON Daring Definition Gel Eyeliner. It's not a pencil so you have to get their Daring Defnition Eyeliner Brush, but it goes on great and lets you have tons of control. Not like liquid eyeliners which I found I cannot put on without making myself look like super goth star!
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    My favorite is Maybelline Line Stylist. They come in several shades with just a little sparkle in them. The black shade is called Onyx. It's a very shimmery black and it holds up well all day. You can make the line really thin because the tip is very thin but you can make it a thicker line if you want. With this one I am able to acheive the thin line getting thicker as you move to the outer corner. I was not able to do that with any of the the others. I always end up with too thick a line. Good stuff!
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    Love the new gel liners by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. They are waterproof and don't come off unless you use an eye makeup remover. I have them in 4 colors!

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