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JydalJydal Posts: 178Registered Users
I mixed up some Kimmaytube leave-in for use on a trip overseas. I read somewhere that since there is mo preservative it, it needs refrigeration. My problem is i will be on an 8 hr trip with no refrigeration. Since i have 8 ounces it is too much for carryon. Does anyone know if it is ok to have non-refrigerated? Or how long before it absolutely needs refrigeration? Or does anyone know anything i can add to it so it will keep? Or does the preservative in the leave-in base hold for the whole product?


  • LoveInBetweenLoveInBetween Posts: 392Registered Users
    I thought she just refrigerated it to further help close the cuticle of the hair shaft..? I assumed it depended on whether the avj/avg has a preservative in it. You can add some vitamin E oil to act as a preservative if it doesn't.

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  • JydalJydal Posts: 178Registered Users
    Thank u!!
  • KorkscrewKorkscrew Posts: 1,834Registered Users
    The liquid carry-on policy confuses a lot of people (because it's confusing). Per TSA regulations, you actually can bring 8 oz.s of liquid (or more). It's just that you have to break it up into portions of no more than 3.4 oz.s a piece. Maximum liquids allowed: all your portions must collectively fit inside a 2-quart zip lock bag.
  • JydalJydal Posts: 178Registered Users
    Good info. Thank you
  • Aliciamelena87Aliciamelena87 Posts: 68Registered Users
    I am not familiar with the recipe, but can you freeze the leave-in before the trip and let it defrost while you travel?

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