Plopping/Plunking for Short Hair

Has anyone had any success with plopping/plunking with SHORT hair?

Here is the most recent picture I have of my hair. It was taken on Feb. 10th, and it was before I started new routines (Curly Girl, mainly). But the length is obviously still the same.

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I watched a video at Jessicurl about plunking, and it seems like a wonderful method for LONG hair. It just seems as though if I tried it on my hair, it might all end up in a big lump on top of my head. But if it will work and give me more curl at the roots, I'd be willing to try it.

So, any short-haired curlies out there have experience with this? Also, which medium do you prefer? Towel or t-shirt? Seems like getting the process "down" might be a bit difficult for me, too.


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    We have the same hair type and length for the most part. Mine is a teensy bit longer than yours. Lately I have been applying product upside down since I can't plop or plunk. Our hair is just too short. The buckwheat look ain't so cool. Try applying product like that and scrunch out with a MF towel and see how that works for you. Depending on how it ends up looking wet, I sometimes apply clips to the roots. Just see what works!
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    Mine is about jaw/ear length when curly now, and I scrunch with a microfiber turban upside down and then right side up to encourage the curl formation for how it will look when it dries, and then I plop (not too tight) back into my turban for 10 minutes or so, while I do my makeup..That seems to work for me.
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    Texas Mama wrote:
    Try applying product like that and scrunch out with a MF towel and see how that works for you. Depending on how it ends up looking wet, I sometimes apply clips to the roots.

    This is what I've been doing. After I get done in the bath, I will bend over and wash under the running water, upside down. Then I run my fingers through (sometimes my wide-tooth comb for smaller curls) and apply my product like that. Then I scrunch and squish it around and use my towel to scrunch it dry some. Then I diffuse. BUT, I don't have a MF towel yet, so it's still just a regular old hand towel I'm using.

    I'm pretty happy with my curls today. I didn't condition at all; I just rinsed well with water, added gel (Herbal Essence Set Me Up Spray Gel - poured into my hand and applied), scrunched, sprayed in some more gel, diffused, let dry awhile longer, then scrunched out the crunch. VOILA! Curlses! I took a couple of pictures this morning, and I'll try to post them soon. Just haven't had a chance yet.
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    hi there, just thought i would tell you my routine, i have between jaw/chin length hair and i tried plopping with a tshirt and found that it made my hair too yucky and i had to wash it out again, maybe when my hair gets a bit longer i will try and plop again, but for now i wash my hair and then scrunch the excess water out into the bath, then i towel dry/scrunch with a microfibre towel, then i scrunch in some peach condish i do all this upside down, then i flip up and push up the curls and then i leave to air dry. result? beautiful fat curls all round. hope this helps.
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    I tired plopping last night after I conditioned. (Didn't use any gel or anything, though.) One word: NOPE! LOL. I'm sure it will be great once my hair gets longer. For now, I'll stick with what I've been doing.