2C daughter?

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Hi all. I'm thinking my daughter has 2C hair, but I'm really not positive. It seems pretty thick and coarse, and when it's allowed to dry on its own, there are definitely SOME waves to it.

Since I have very fine 3A hair, that's what I've been reading up on lately, and it seems the care for the two is VERY different! My daughter really wants to try and make her hair look better, but I'm at a bit of a loss as to the best way to do this!

She's 12 years old and in her first year of middle school, so the dry/frizzy/stringy look isn't doing it for her anymore.

Any initial direction y'all could point me in would be fabulous!

She tried the Curly Girl routine for wavy hair the other day, but her hair ended up looking oily, greasy, flat, and just nasty.


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    My waves are pretty greasy, and I find that the best way to clean them is to use GOBS of conditioner (V05 or Suave) and massage them into my scalp. Then let it sit while I wash the rest of me, add a little water to my hair, massage again, and then rinse the bajeezus out of it. If I use a leave in it's only on the very ends. Scrunch in a small blob of gel, air dry, and go. It's not quite "wavy girl" but it seems to work. I do shampoo once a week or so as well to keep up with buildup (I have a tendency to use cones on occasion).

    What is she using now? Also, coming out in the morning and then doing a quick spritz/scrunch seems to help some with frizzies. Good luck.
    Fine Wavy (2a)
    Weeklyish shampoo with CO's inbetween to keep down the grease.
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    She was using a Pantene shampoo+conditioner, but I told her she needs to start using conditioner in addition to shampoo. I told her after she shampoos to put plenty of conditioner in her hair, comb it through with her fingers to get rid of tangles, then pile it on her head until she's done with her shower, then rinse it out. She had been blow-drying her hair straight for a long time. I believe she let it air dry last night, but I didn't pay too much attention this morning to how it looked.

    She's going through a "tomboy" type phase, and is very low-maintenance with her hair/appearance, so I'm not sure how much work she's actually willing to do with her hair as far as styling goes.

    I guess I need to find a good shampoo for her to use which isn't too gosh-awful expensive.