Swooshy Pixie Cut?

siraelsirael Registered Users Posts: 1
So I've always longed for a pixie cut, but been equally terrified I'd look like little orphan Annie. And then I saw THIS.


I'm a 3A/2C combo, with pretty healthy, undamaged hair. I want this cut so badly. But I'm still chicken that it'd end up looking freakish on me. Especially since I don't know what texture her hair looked like before the cut. (Not to mention concerns about it working on my face type.)

In addition, I suspect it would probably require upkeep every day in the form of some product (mousse? I'm not sure.)

I know there's a handful of you with traditional pixies - does anyone happen to know if this kind of swooshy pixie is doable with my hair texture? Help me, naturallycurly, you're my only hope!

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