Great results with KCKT + KCCC on my 2B hair today!!!

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Usually I'm a 2A/B but it looks curlier than that today (or is this pretty much 2Bish?).

Anyways, I s + c w/ the EverCurl s + c, raked KCKT through wet hair, scrunched in KCCC, and plopped for maybe 45min... After that I added KCCC to a few frizzy spots. Next time I will use less KCCC and probably plop for less time.

In the first pic it was still a little damp. That stupid awkward piece in the front is from plopper-user error.
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    Nice! I just started using this combo today too!
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    looks good! i've only used kckt + kccc once and it was a gunky mess. will have to revisit.
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    Very pretty!! KCCC is a great gel. U just have to to find the right consistency for your hair. A lot of people just won't bring patient and learn how to use it.

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    Great hair!

    I don't care so much for KCKT, but KCCC makes my 2B hair look like 2C hair! The only trouble with it is that it takes even longer for my hair to dry than it usually does and its pricey. Currently working on an okra gel recipe as an alternative.
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