Trimming hair

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OK y'all I just got finishing trimming my own hair for the first time since um I don't know, 2 years? I think. I did cause I realize not doing anything to my hair for the last few months my ends was FRIZZY as heck! Lol like when I wear my hair down the roots was curly n the end was in a fro even with hair gel lol but now my head looks like I did a big chop. But I know dead hair needed to go. I whether have short healthy hair instead of long unhealthy hair but also in the back of my mind I wish I didn't did cause I got my 12 grade pictures coming up now I don't know what to do lol. Hopefully if I take care of it now it be long n pretty for my pictures :) I gotta stay positive with it tho lol
Hair some of my dead hair. I have no pictures of hair before cause I had refused to take any lol :p also I have 4a & 4c if u wanted to know


  • KeybooKeyboo Registered Users Posts: 33
    My phone is not letting me upload any pictures :/ oh well

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