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Ugh. I gained 5 pounds in a month. How, you ask? I don't know. It showed in my stomach, too, some days more than others, I'd bloat up, my jeans would be tight.. bad news. Went to the doctor. He said I have colonic inertia and a little bit of IBS. The added weight was probably built up in my intestines. Pleasant. So I was put on meds. I lost some weight, at most 3, 3.5 pounds of the 5. HOWEVER, I stayed nearly the same until I went away, ate like crap (fried food, Cold Stone ice cream... just not healthy food), was nearly completely inactive, came back to find I lost 2 pounds. Nice, so now I'm only 1.5-2 pounds over what I was two months ago. So I came back, went back to eating my low cal diet as laid out by spark people, and my weight shot right back up again, and again, it shows in my stomach. I tried elminating things from my diet, but obviously, when I eat like crap, I still lose weight, so I don't know what the deal was. I gained 5 pounds by not changing anything. I lost weight eating like crap, but I didn't chart it, so I don't even know what it was like, but it was way over even a maintenance range, I think, some of those days. And by eating 'healthily' again, I gained weight.

Someone please help me out here. I may make an appointment with the nutritionist again. I was just getting ok with how I looked and loving my body, and no, it's not just about the numbers, but the numbers correspond to my stomach getting bigger (yes, I measure). I've had an eating disorder, and that's the only time I was able to lose weight easily. I'd been maintaining a constant weight that I was all right with, and now I've gained weight. This is a problem, both mentally and physically.

I also don't feel the meds for the intestinal issue are really doing their job, and he said there's another thing I could try. I should be talking to him at the end of the week when I go home.
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    1. Is it possible that when you were "eating like crap" you were actually eating less calories than when you were "eating healthy"? Maybe you're missing something and incorrectly counting your calories when you're doing it with Spark People?

    2. Maybe you're overestimating how much you actually ate when you were eating anything you wanted? Maybe when you're eating healthy you're so focused on eating you're thinking about it all the time and are therefore really hungry, so eating more than when you're not thinking about it.

    3. Maybe you got lots more exercise when you were on vacation and eating crappy, and don't get much at all when you are eating healthy.

    4. Maybe when you're eating healthy you are actually not getting enough calories, so your body is going into starvation mode and clinging to every last ounce of fat it can. And when you were eating lots of crap your body thought it hit the jackpot and didn't need to store that extra fat anymore.

    5. Maybe when you're eating fewer calories you're body really isn't getting all the nutrients it needs, so when you started eating a lot the extra nutrients gave your body the energy it needed to work more effectively.

    6. Some people believe "a calorie is a calorie" and to some extent that is true. But if all you're eating when you're "eating healthy" is empty carbs then you're body may be clinging to the fat and feeling unhealthy. Maybe when you were eating crap you were actually getting more good fats and proteins that your body needs.

    These are all just some ideas. I think you probably need to change what you're doing when you're "eating healthy". But trust me, eating crap all the time WILL catch up with you!
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    1. No, I definitely ate more calories when I ate like crap. I'm counting correctly.

    2. Definitely not overestimating. I still plugged in on one of the 'lighter' days and was at 1950 or something. I can't say I ate 3000 calories the other days, but it would have been more than 1950, the top end of maintenance.

    3. I was totally inactive for most of the time I was at his place and didn't eat well. That's the kicker.

    4. That's a possibility.

    5. I track nutrients, and I'm usually in my ranges.

    6. Not just empty carbs. I'm getting enough protein and not too many carbs. I saw the nutritionist today and discussed my eating habits with her, and she can't find anything wrong with them.

    I'm not eating like crap now, but I also have lowered my fiber intake, which seems to make a huge difference. Over 30 is trouble for me, I've found recently. I've incorporated slightly more junk food into the day, things I've craved but denied, but still account for it, and my fat intake is still low, and for whatever reason, the weight is coming off again. My cholesterol is also really low, which is nice (I have high cholesterol--genetic, no success with diet/weight loss/exercise, so I'm on meds). The nutritionist has no answer for me. :shrug:
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